KONNECT is a student ministry of Moss Brook Church that trains and equips students to become reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ as they connect with God and others.

Follow our KONNECT – Moss Brook Youth Facebook Page and Instagram to keep up to date with what’s going on at Konnect.

For more information contact Steve Coombs (207) 890-9162 or email us at info@mossbrookchurch.org

Konnect Events

Please fill out the electronic waiver or ask for a paper form. This is needed to attend Konnect Tuesday nights and Konnect Events.

Our Leaders

Steve Coombs

Shawnna Coombs

Tim Yates

Michele Yates

Aaron Im

Colleen Fournier

Joe Fournier

Curtis Smith

Ben Young

Katherine Young

Valerie Foss

Jere Cram

Joanne Edwards

Jason Edwards

Katie Mojica

Tracey Lopez

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